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HMC recognizes the importance of having technically skilled people making decisions on how to manufacture a part, and our core is based around world class machinists and engineers with decades of experience being involved with those decisions. Our administrative experience  makes sure records are retained as needed and things like KAN-BAN and JIT systems are successfully implemented.


Machines list:

  • Qty 1 Mori Seiki MV40 X=31.000” x Y=15.600” x Z=26.000”

  • Qty 1 Mori Seiki MV40 pallet mill X=31.000” x Y=16.000” x Z=26.000”

  • Qty 2 Robodrill T14-Ibl X=27.00 x Y=15.000” x Z=18.000”

  • Qty 1 Hardinge SP lathe Z=12.00” x=6.00 diameter

  • Qty 1 Hardinge GT27 Gang lathe Z=6.00” x X=5.000”

  • Qty 1 Omni turn gang lathe Z=6.000” x X=4.000”

  • Qty 1 Proto Track knee mill X=34.000” x Y=18.000”x Z=13.000”

  • Qty 1 Manual lathe Z=18”.000 x X=8.000”

  • Qty 1 Solid work CAD system

  • Qty 3 BOBCAD CAM systems

HMC has extensive background in milling and turning plastics and other high-grade composite materials, as well as metals both exotic and standard. In addition, our team can accurately and swiftly craft the parts—standard to complex—that your business requires. With a variety of top-of-the-line traditional and specialty CNC lathes from Mori Seiki and Hardinge, among others, our Danbury NH facility mill turn capability and a CNC turning centers with bar feeders. Contact us today to request a quote or to learn more about our CNC turning capabilities.